New Maandamano Week

Kenya prepares for the Mass Action Monday

New Maandamano Week

Heavy security has been deployed on the CBD Nairobi ahead of the Azimio la Umoja protests. The protests are expected to happen twice a week; Monday and Thursday starting this week. 

The Azimio la Umoja leader, Raila Odinga has called his supporters to the mass action until they are served justice. The protests seem to continue regardless of stiff warnings. The IG Koome, gave a directive against the protests. He stated that the disruptions were against the law and that anyone who was found in the act would face the police. 

The president and his deputy also shared their side of view in regards to the protests. Both leaders have cursed the protests especially since business and other daily activities are disrupted.

In his defence Raila has challanged the leaders, saying that they should face him instead. Raila has said that it is a free country and that no one should be stopped from protesting. He also says that the protest will only stop after their demands are met.