Nigerian Entreprenuer Exposes Vera Sidika's 'Free Deal'

ChiemeRoyals, a luxurious wig entrepreneur in Nigeria, took to Instagram to expose Kenyan socialite and entrepreneur, Vera Sidika, for allegedly asking for a wig worth Kshs. 226,000 in exchange for free publicity while filming 'The Real Housewives of Nairobi.'

Nigerian Entreprenuer Exposes Vera Sidika's 'Free Deal'

The wig entrepreneur shared screenshots of the conversation seen by this publication, Vera Sidika initiated the conversation by stating the proposal that she would rock one of the wigs from the entrepreneur's collection in a film in that she was currently being featured.

Vera also stated that once she uses the wig in the film, it would help the entrepreneur to get a good market in Kenya as she would have gone viral with it.
"Babe you need to send me units. I'm currently filming the real housewives of Nairobi. If I rock your hair and do marketing when show goes viral you'll get good market in Kenya" part of the message read.

The entrepreneur went ahead to state the price of the wig after which Vera claimed that the owner had misunderstood her statement.

"Cost $1,849 Unit name: Butterfly unit"

The Nigerian entrepreneur further stated how influencers were exploiting the small businesses and failing to promote them when they make it in the industry.

"My business is a very small one, we can't be sharing wigs now. A real brand supporter buys your product! I mean they pay for it to support your brand. They will never want to take advantage of you no matter what! That's real integrity" part of the ChiemeRoyals Luxury Wigs read.

These are among the many hardships that small businesses in the country have faced with influencers even failing to make payments to the business owners after using their services or products.