Niger`s Sitting President Bazoum Declared winner As Tension Rises

Niger`s ruling party candidate Mohamed Bazoum was declared as the victor in Niger’s presidential election on Tuesday while his opponent alleged fraud and irregularities, a move that later required police`s actions to avoid further disruptions.

Niger`s Sitting President Bazoum Declared winner  As Tension Rises
Niger`s President Elect Mohamed Bazoum

Bazoum, a 61-year-old former interior minister, won 55.75% of the vote in the elections that ended on Sunday, February 2021.

According to Niger`s electoral commission, Mr. Mohamed was vying for the presidency position alongside Mahamane Ousmane, a former president who was toppled by a coup in 1996.

President Mohamed Bazoum Waving to His Suppoters after his Declarations: Source Twitter

Niger`s president-elect Mohamed Bazoum is set to take over incumbent president Mahamadou Issoufou who is stepping down after five-years of the ruling.The president-elect however went on his Twitter account to appreciates his supporters who had believed in him and elected him to serve them.

However, before Mr. Mohamed was declared the winner, commotion was witnessed between the Ousmane’s supporters who stated that the elections were marred with irregularities and violence where eight people were attacked and murdered in two regions where Islamist militants are active and therefore, they demanded the immediate suspension of the publication of the results.

Scene of opposition leader`s suppoters set tyres ablaze after Mohamed Bazoum`s Declarations :Source Twitter

“We demand the immediate suspension of the publication of these results, which do not in any way take into account the expressed will of the Nigerien people for change,” Ousmane’s campaign manager said in a statement.

They began setting tires on the blaze as police officers used teargas canisters to disrupt them away.