NMS on the Spot Over Sh1 Billion Alleged Misuse

NMS was founded by the president in 2020, in efforts to oversee how development activities within Nairobi County were being undertaken.

NMS on the Spot Over Sh1 Billion Alleged Misuse
NMS Director Mohamed Badi. [Photo/ Courtesy]

Once viewed as the 'black messiah' for the City county, Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) seems to have outlived its grace period. 

This is after speculations that the organ cannot explain how Sh1 billion got used, signaling a looming scandal. Nairobi county assembly members are now mad with the NMS, over the alleged funds' misappropriation. 

Members further observed how the projects undertaken under the NMS watch were not satisfying, hence calling for the NMS Director Mohamed Badi and his team to shed more light on the same.

Further, lawmakers stated how the NMS of lacked records on how the funds were spent. Assembly Minority leader Michael Ogada noted how their joy when the NMS was founded, allocating huge sums of money to the organ.

"We gave this entity Ksh 29 billion for development and nothing seems to be working..., Nairobi has 85 wards and we need to see service delivery in all those wards...," demanded furious Ogada. 

The organ was also blasted for not availing expenditure records demanded by the assembly for scrutiny. They instead dismissed the assembly's request, saying only the president can question them on that.

In its earlier days, NMS won the hearts of many Nairobians from its amazing operations aimed at changing the city's image.

Led by Badi, the newly founded organ ensured a huge improvement on roads, hospitals, and also access to water for the Nairobi residents.