Nominated Senator Omanga Stirs Drama at NCIC Offices Protesting Delays

Following chaos that rocked some regions during the just-concluded by-elections, NCIC has reportedly summoned various politicians who allegedly took part in one way or another.

Nominated Senator Omanga Stirs Drama at NCIC Offices Protesting Delays
Nominated Senate Representative Millicent Omanga. [Photo/ Courtesy]

Nominated Senate Representative Ms. Millicent Omanga today treated the public to a free episode at the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC)

She had reportedly visited the commission's offices following a recent summon. After it took long for her to be attended to, she stormed the grilling panel furiously demanding a reason why she had not served for all that while.

The senator is among ten political figures facing summons over the recently-concluded by-election chaos. She reportedly arrived at the commission's offices around 11 am, where she stayed for over one hour since Kasipul legislator was being questioned.

Other lawmakers who have reportedly honoured their summons are, MPs Feisal Bader (Msambweni), Benjamin Washiali (Mumias East), and Chris Wamalwa (Kiminini)

Unable to bear it anymore, Ms. Omanga stormed into the boardroom arguing that the summon had indicated 11 am, hence she never expected any delays.

"We have been seated there for the last one hour…for how long? You should’ve given us timelines, if you told me to come at 12 pm I would’ve come here at 12 pm," argued Ms. Omanga adding that the commission should have calculated proper timing for each person summoned.