ODM Opposes EPRA’s Step to Hike the Fuel Price terming it Insensitive

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party has called out the EPRA for being “insensitive” in their recent petroleum product price review which is meant to be implemented on Monday 15th.

ODM Opposes EPRA’s Step to Hike the Fuel Price terming it Insensitive

With EPRA announcing a hike in fuel prices, this means even the cost of living is also set to go up for the Kenyans which is a point of disadvantage.

ODM has said it’s unfair for EPRA to have the prices hike right now saying Kenyans are yet to recover from the adverse effects caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

ODM through Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna said, "Beyond even the individual citizens, our own manufacturing industry, the base on which we hope to build our recovery after the pandemic, will be hit hard by another increase in the cost of energy. This does not make sense on any front. Increasing the price of diesel just as the farming and planting season sets in is nothing but diabolic.”

ODM said Kenyans are already on their knees and burdening them with another task will be like “milking a dead cow.”

The Party, therefore, demanded EPRA to revoke the price preview saying the body was insensitive to the needs of the common “mwananchi”.

"It (EPRA) has shown a lack of sensitivity to the aspirations of the common man and a danger to the president’s Agenda 4 items. Silence on our part at this time will amount to complicity, and we therefore unequivocally state that we are opposed to this increase in the price of fuel. We demand that this decree is rescinded before it becomes effective," added Sifuna.

With the new prices, Super Petrol rose with Sh. 7.63 per litre to now cost sh. 122.81; Diesel rose by sh. 5.75 per litre to now cost sh. 107.66 while Kerosene rose by sh. 5.41 per litre to cost sh. 97.85.