Omtata Wants Presidential Term Limit To Be Reduced to 3 Years

Civil Rights Activist and Busia senator Okiya Omtata now wants president William Ruto's term limit to be reduced to three years.

Omtata Wants Presidential Term Limit To Be Reduced to 3 Years

Omtata speaking on Tuesday 8th, responded to Fafi MP, Salah Yakub's, proposal to extend President William Ruto's term to 20 years where he argued that the two five-year terms should be reduced to two three-year terms to enable voters to hold presidents accountable. 

“If we create a situation whereby the topmost office is going to be occupied for more than ten years, it will be detrimental.

"In fact, some of us think that we should reduce the term limit to two terms of three or four years so that if someone is making mistakes we can get rid of them much earlier and vote in someone else to do better,” Omtatah argued.

Salah Yakub Fafi MP PHOTO FILE

Omtata however, denounced the proposal to eliminate the presidential term limit and replace it with a 75-year age restriction as a diversion planned by the Kenya Kwanza administration.

"It is a conscious attempt to distract the country from the goings on, the honourable member who made it has succeeded in diverting attention from issues that are burdening the Kenyan people," Omtatah stated.

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 This comes after Salah Yakub Fafi Member of Parliament, proposed on Monday 7th that the president`s term should be extended to 20 years amove he termed as giving time to presidents with development records. He also noted that the heads of state should not be subjected to the two-term limit given the economic impact they can have on the country.

MP Yakub claimed that removing the presidential limit would ensure presidents who have a good development agenda stay in power. 

“We want to tell Kenyans that the limit on two terms should be relooked. We want it to be changed to an age limit where when one gets to 75 years then he or she cannot contest," Yakub stated while distributing relief food in Garissa County. 

However, UDA through their chairperson Johnson Muthama, distanced themselves from the allegations stating that the sentiments were made at the mP`s own assertions.

"Please take note that Yakub made a personal statement which has nothing to do with UDA," Muthama watered down the proposal.