"Ona Selina," Chilled Pascal Chanted to President Kenyatta

Pascal Tokodi bumped into the president during a drive along State House Road in the company of a friend on Wednesday, February 24.

Pascal Tokodi was driving around State House Road when he bumped into the president taking a stroll. The actor immediately greeted Uhuru and the president was kind enough to respond.

The 27-year-old could not believe his eyes when he spotted the president and he immediately took out his phone and began recording the unbelievable moment.

"How are you, sir? Oh my goodness!" Tokodi shouted hysterically. Tokodi wished the president a good day and utilized the opportunity to market his show by telling the president to watch Selina. "Ona Selina!" Ona Selina!" he could be heard shouting, urging the president to tune in to the next episode of Selina drama Tv show where he plays the role of starring.

If you met the president today what would you tell him?