Online Immorality

What happens after 2 am on TikTok?

Online Immorality
Late-night Immorality.

Tik Tok is a Social media platform that mostly channels entertainment of all sorts. However, the platform is slowly turning into an online Sodom and Gomorrah. 

It has been noted that at the dead of the night the audience debase themselves online and engage in all sorts of licentious activities.

The app has a policy which  restricts users to upload, transmit , distribute, store or channel (including streaming and/or creating content) which may appear to be obscene, ponographic or paedophilic. It has appeared that the ignorant users  interact with people of like mindsets at that hour. The live recordings have included all the immoralities against the restrictions.

Some females have also been noted to be pinning their mobile numbers asking for finance in exchange with nudity photos and videos.