Parents Here are the Tips of Peaceful Living with Housekeepers

There are several reasons why parents should learn how to stay or rather live comfortably and peacefully with their housekeepers. This is to avoid family disputes between housekeepers and bosses and times involving the children too.

Parents Here are the Tips of Peaceful Living with Housekeepers
Gladys Naliaka Nalianya

This article is about one housekeeper Gladys Naliaka Nalianya who created an uproar on social media after she stabbed two kids who belonged to her ex-employer identified as Mama Maina.

According to reports, Gladys had been a house help for Mama Maina for two years where she used to earn Ksh 15,000 until tables finally turned. She got sacked, but unfortunately to pay off her anger, she decided to walk into Mama Maina's residence in her absence and stabbed her two children in a bid of revenge.

Mama Maina`s Children nursing injuries at  the hospital Source Twitter

After committing the crime, Gladys ran away. Good luck she was nabbed by DCI at Eldoret on her way to Busia.

Below are the Tips to live peacefully with housekeepers

Give them Space: when you have one housekeeper at home either house boy or house girl, learn to give them space to think on their own and do not over monitor them. For God`s sake, they are human too and need to be understood. Remember this will save you from frequent fights and disagreement with them.

Source Pixabay

Set your Boundaries: Draw the line within your home and no one should surpass them. Remember this is to improve the respect between you and them. For example, do not set free your house managers in your bedroom. Your bedroom is your home office where most secrets are kept. In short, get the message home.

Emotions: Learn how to read your housekeeper's emotions and when they react when they're upset or calm. This will help you to sense when there's danger or not.

Trust Issues: when you have trust issues with your housekeepers, do not leave your young ones in their care. In the short look for other options.

Discipline: anytime you want to correct your house managers over an issue, kindly do it out of your Children`s sight. This is to avoid degrading them in front of your children because when you do that, your children might fail to respect them again and that can result in hatred and later conflict.