PCarwash: Did You Know You Can Wash Your Car on Click of a Button?

Have you heard about Pcarwash? This is an online system that connects car owners and carwashes conveniently. The system also allows carwash owners to manage their businesses at their own comfort.


This an online system developed to improve convenience in the carwash industry. The system allows the car owners to book car cleaning services to verified and registered carwashes near them.

How Does it Operate?

The application allows the car owners with busy schedules to order for a Pcarwash driver to pick their car, take it to the nearby carwash and deliver it back after cleaning. The car owner is also able to monitor the progress of their order on their phone.

To the carwash owners, the system helps them to manage their businesses efficiently, increase their marketability, auto-generation of comprehensive and summarized reports and commissions.

Why PCarwash?

To the Car Owners.

  • The system helps to improve convenience to the busy car owner as they can Order for a driver to pick & drop the car at the owner’s comfort.
  • The system allows the car owners to schedule cleaning services.
  • The car owners can identify carwash with specific cleaning services.
  • The system also allows the car owner to rate a carwash basing on the services, therefore, helping to identify the best carwashes.

To the Carwashes.

  • Ability to manage carwashes efficiently
  • The system allows the carwash owners/managers to schedule their customers during peak hours.
  • Increase the marketability of the carwashes.
  • Auto-generation of summarized and comprehensive reports and commissions.
  • Ability to allocate washer.

Africa is raising a generation of innovators who are taking a creative approach to technology development. Kenya being among the African countries with innovators has developed an Online Carwash Management System dubbed Pcarwash that connects car owners to nearby verified and registered carwashes conveniently.