Police Accused of Robbing A woman in Rongai  in VIral  CCTV Footage

Armed policemen have been accused of using their firearms to threaten and rob a woman in Gataka In Rongai.

In a viral video seen by this publication on Monday 13th, an armed man is seen approaching the yet-to-be-identified lady before the other three men join him in the activity.
The first man is seen breaking the driver`s window. The woman is seen trying to protect herself by trying to escape before she is stopped.
Cases of police officers accused of being involved in criminal activities have been on the rise.
 In 2015 Five police officers were arrested in Nakuru over the weekend for allegedly engaging in criminal activity, bolstering claims that law enforcement is to blame for the town's recent spate of robberies.

The cops, who are supposed to uphold the law, and protect and secure the public, are now accused of robbing and harming the very individuals they vowed to protect.

Three armed Nakuru cops were apprehended in Kericho after allegedly kidnapping a motorist. Kericho CID officers apprehended the male cops, who were accompanied by a woman.

The three were accused of kidnapping the motorist and demanded Sh2 million in ransom before being apprehended by Kericho police officers who were watching them.

Charles Shikami of Bondeni Police Station, Steve Mwongera of Central Police Station, and Peter Gitau, a CID officer who was just assigned to Kuresoi but lives in Nakuru's Kasarani police line, were named as the suspects by Nakuru Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Bernard Kioko.

“Investigations are ongoing and a comprehensive statement will be released,” said the OCPD regarding the same matter.