Pregnant and Lactating Mothers Warned Against Getting Covid-19 Jab

The warning comes at a time when some AstraZeneca vaccine recipients have been posing complications related to the vaccine's intake.

Pregnant and Lactating Mothers Warned Against Getting Covid-19 Jab
The vaccine trials were not tried on expectant mothers, hence unadvisable. [Photo/ Courtesy]

The Covid-19 vaccine task force team leader Dr. Willis Akhwale has called upon expectant mothers and those nursing their young ones to avoid the Covid-19 vaccine.

Speaking to the Daily Nation on Thursday (today), the medic noted how it was unsafe given that such categories of persons were not included during the clinical trials. 

Dr. Akhwale further added that the end results heavily rely on clinical trial results. He pointed out that expectant and breastfeeding women were not included, and therefore their response to the jab is unknown. 

Further, the vaccine provides no information touching on such category of recipients. "From the information we have, the vaccines were not tried on pregnant and lactating women...," stated Dr. Akhwale telling such people to desist from taking the jab. 

Akhwale observed that the vaccination exercise has been going on smoothly, adding that those who have already received their first dose will be due for their second shot around May when the next batch will be arriving. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), recipients are entitled to two doses, given within a span of two or three months apart.

The medic further revealed that at the moment they will only rely on vaccines approved by WHO which include AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Pfizer.