President William Ruto Orders Religious Review

Following the Shakahola Massacre, the president issues a review order

President William Ruto Orders Religious Review
President William Ruto

Following a series of religious mishandlement, the president has set aside a team  of 17 members that will carry out the religious review. The team is made up of Nancy Murega, Wilson Wanyanga, Prof. Musili Wambua, Leah Kasera, Mary Awuor Kitegi Joseph Khalande Wabwire and Charles Kanjama. 

Religious leaders who were also  chosen as the main committee include Bishop Philip Kitito, Bishop (Dr.) Eli Rop, Archbishop Maurice Muhatia, Dr.Fradun Abdalla, Judy Thogori, Bishop Mark Kariuki and Rev. (Dr.)Alphonse Kanga.

In addition the serving secretaties will be Maria Goretti Nyariki and Martin Ndiwa Talian. Rev. Mutava Musyimi will head the 17-member taskforce.

The main task assigned to the members is to oversee all legal religious activities, and to oversee the connection to churches and shops registered under their names. The team is to prevent any illegalities in regards to churches and religion.

The team is set to come up with rules that will outdo cults and educate the public against the same. It will also mediate between the government and individuals or organizations practising or intending to practice religious cults.

From a gazette notice issued by the Presidet, it stated,

"The taskforce shall formulate proposals for a mechanism for the public to report religious extremists in their local communities and also come up with standards and maximum certification requirements for religious organisations to be registered and to operate in Kenya."