Pressure From US And EU Based On Tigray Conflicts Could Destabilize Ethiopia

Pressure from the West particularly the US on Ethiopia to cease military operations and engage in dialogue with the Tigray People`s Liberation Front (TPLF) could prove counterproductive and destabilize the country.

Pressure From US And EU Based On Tigray Conflicts Could Destabilize Ethiopia

Last week the US Senate and foreign ministers of G7 countries passed separate resolutions to put pressure on Ethiopia. Earlier the UN Security Council met four times but failed to arrive at a consensus to take measures against Ethiopia.

The European Union has postponed 90 million Euros budgetary support to Ethiopia due to what is said as the lack of access to the country`s Tigray region to deliver humanitarian aid. 

Biden administration has also paused $272 million worth of development and security assistance to Ethiopia and has directed its attention to the Tigray crisis.

The Tigray crisis erupted in November 2020 when the TPLF ruling the Tigray region attacked the Northern command of the Ethiopian National Defense Force in Mekele.

International organizations have stated that the fighting has caused a humanitarian crisis leaving millions of people displaced. In response, the Ethiopian government stated that it was responding to Internationa demands and exercising its legal obligations to its citizens. According to an official spokesperson, some 3 million people have been provided food and other aid, and said that 70% of the assistance was covered by the Ethiopian government.

According to Ethiopian government, Eritrea troops who were fighting on the side of Ethiopian forces in the region have started withdrawing.

The pressure from the US and Eu is pushing Ethiopia to find trustworthy allies in the form of China, Russia, and other developing nations.