Quack Doctor Mugo Wairimu Asks Court To Give Lenient Sentence

Fake doctor Mugo Wairimu who was on Monday 21st sentenced to 29 years of improvement for unlawfully administering drugs to patients at his clinic and raping them, has asked the court to give him a lenient sentence to allow him to join together with his family members.

Quack Doctor Mugo Wairimu Asks Court To Give Lenient Sentence

Mugo stated that he had learned his lessons the hardest way and was seeking to be pardoned by the court.

"I assure this court that I have learned a lesson and would urge the court to give a lenient sentence that will allow me to join my family and to continue serving Kenyans as a law-abiding citizen".

The fake Doctor Mugo was jailed for 29 years and 6 months by Milimani Chief Magistrate Wendy Muchemi.

The court had on Thursday, November 17, found Mugo guilty of running a medical clinic illegally and practicing medicine without required academic qualifications.


Doctor Mugo Wairimu appearing in Court on Monday 21st. PHOTO TWITTER

A total of 12 counts had been brought against Mugo and Milimani chief magistrate Wendy Micheni found him guilty of 10 counts. 

"He is a danger to society and ought to be kept away for a long time,"  Chief Magistrate Wendy Micheni indicated while delivering the court's decision. 

"Instead of using the knowledge he says he acquired to improve society he went ahead by purporting to be a gynecologist and administering drugs to them,” the judge ruled.

According to the court, Mugo opted to abuse his qualified skills from the University of Nairobi to administer drugs so as to engage in sex with patients.

Prestige Hospital, the clinic the Mugo Wa Wairimu was running alongside a pharmacy, was found to be illegal and not registered.

While delivering the ruling, the judge found that the prosecution proved beyond reasonable doubt that Mugo had been on the wrong side of the law.

“The sexual molestation charge cannot stand in any court of law as the prosecution failed to prove the three main ingredients of forcible intercourse beyond a reasonable doubt to warrant a conviction," the chief magistrate indicated. 

"The court required oral evidence from the alleged victim, sufficient circumstantial evidence, and DNA samples test which were never provided in court by the prosecution,” she ruled.

According to a statement by one of the witnesses in the case, Wairimu gave drugs to one of his patients, who then became unconscious and when she woke up, she found herself with no pants.

Furthermore, Wa Wairimu was acquitted of charges that he unlawfully hired two medical students to work under him in his clinic. This is after the prosecution failed to provide evidence regarding the appointments.

In a similar case, in February 24th, the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council {KMPDU } ordered the closure and revocation of the operating licence of Sipili Maternity and Nursing Home in Laikipia County following an expose that was carried out by NTV`s investigative journalist Ngina Kiruri.

The expose was dubbed "Doctored Evil" where a number of serious claims, including sexual assault, were leveled against the hospital's owner, George Mbugua, and some of his employees.

The council claimed that it took the decision after carefully assessing the facts of the case, the nature of the allegations, and the necessity to safeguard the public while the case is heard and decided.

“Consequently, you are hereby directed to close the facility with immediate effect and organize in consultation with patients /relatives to transfer all the in-patients to other facilities of their choice within 24 hours,” said KMPDC boss Dr. Daniel Yumbya.