Reasons Why Some Pregnant Women Die During Child Birth

Childbirth can be unsmooth in some women especially when it comes to complications. This can deny the mother-to-be or the remaining family members peace of mind. Well below are the major reasons why some women may die during childbirth.

Reasons Why Some Pregnant Women Die During Child Birth

1. Some women die as a result of severe bleeding during childbirth; this is occasionally due to the hospital where she is giving birth's poor handling or management, rather than something the woman has been fighting for a long time. If a woman bleeds for an extended amount of time during childbirth, she may become unconscious and, eventually, die if doctors and nurses do not intervene. As a result, some women are in desperate need of blood shortly after giving birth.

2. Certain women die as a result of high blood pressure, also known as pre-eclampsia and eclampsia; some pregnant women in the process of childbirth have high blood pressure, which may be controlled by the hospital, but if the hospital overlooks it, the woman has a significant risk of dying. This is terrible, and it's also one of the major causes of maternal mortality among women.

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3. Infections, which are mainly the result of poor hygiene at the hospital or location of birth, cause some women to die. If a woman is not handled hygienically by the hospital after giving birth, she may become infected, have convulsions, and other difficulties, and eventually die. This is also one of the unfortunate reasons why pregnant women die after giving birth, and we must all be aware of this.