Relief For Married Men as this Truth About 'Kiberiti' Emerges

There has been an uproar on social media as a screenshot of a conversation between a lady and her boyfriend went viral.

Relief For Married Men as this Truth About 'Kiberiti' Emerges

The cheating lady was assuring her secret lover that the looks of the baby they were to conceive will be altered by a matchstick ' usijali notaweka kiberiti '.

This got Kenyan matchbox trending on social media and its role in infidelity.

Many questions of how this works rose and everyone had his or her unscientific theories about the same.

However, the allegations of matchstick in infidelity were rubbished as hogwash and no scientific proof can clarify that. 

According to Nairobi-based Doctor  Njoki Fernandes, while speaking to TV47, the allegations has no scientific proof.

"The looks of a child are genetic. It is not something you can alter using matchsticks. Tampering with DNA is not a simple science that involves kiberiti," she stated.

                                  Matchbox Photo Courtesy

The revelation is a sigh of relief to Kenyan men who had shown concern on how their women could easily cheat on them without them suspecting or even finding out.

This also rose concern as cases of men raising other men`s children in the name of love and desperation increased.