Rise of Local Brew Den in Mwiki

A series of reports of rise in Chang`aa in Mwiki is a central topic

Rise of Local Brew Den in Mwiki
Illicit brew

After the killing of 17 years old Stephen Machurusi, the increase of local brew has raised concerns. Both locals and business men from Mwiki, Kasarani area, have brought up their concerns regarding the issue. The dens have become hideouts for all kinds of evil:  drug dealers, thugs and even prostitution.

The infamous Mwiki Zone has become a zone where addicts come as early as 6:00 in the morning, get drunk to the core and has been noticed to be a " Death-core" for the youths. Security of the area is also a thing of concern. Even with the police sorrounding the area, the chang`aa business still runs as usual. The victims who get cought may be released with ksh.1000 and they go back to business. 

In 2022 alone, more than 10 youths lost their lives either due to alcoholism or related issues. Locals are calling out for the police and parents to help curb the use of illicit brew.