Risks that happen when Pubic Hair is Shaved

Removing Pubic hair may make a person more susceptible to common infections such as UTIs, Vaginitis, and yeast infections such as Cellulitis and folliculitis in other cases, grooming-related injuries such as cuts could become infected.

Risks that happen when Pubic Hair is Shaved
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Trimming public hair is an intimate choice but many experts feel that shaving Pubic Hair is simply a misleading attempt at personal hygiene.

Here are reasons to Avoid shaving your Pubic Hair

Protection against Bacteria

Pubic hair acts as a barrier against unwanted bacteria and infections it also protects you against pathogenic bacteria and dust from getting in.

Exist For a purpose

Pubic hair is there for a reason. Being a sensitive part of our body it is much prone to rashes and itching. Lack of friction may trigger such reactions, making pubes vulnerable to Infections. To avoid these stop razing them and let pubes serve their purpose.

No more ingrown hair

Waxing or shaving often leaves ingrown hair on the skin. It is difficult to remove them especially from the most sensitive areas. If not removed can turn into blackheads. Leave Pubic hair in a natural state to avoid this problem.

Maintains vaginal temperature

Pubic hair also sweats. Pubic hair absorbs sweat and moisture from these areas and regulates vaginal temperature and controls unwanted dampness.

Reduces risks of sexually transmitted diseases

To avoid direct contact from harmful bacteria with your skin also keeping them clean helps prevent many infections.