Ruiru Motorcycle Group Project

A group of Motorcyclists in Ruiru join hands and buy land

Ruiru Motorcycle  Group Project
Boda boda Initiative

Motorcycle operators in Ruiru have joined hands and saved towards a land buying project. With just a saving of Ksh.50, the 200 members of the sacco have managed to purchase a 5-acre land which is intensded for building rental houses.

Lawrence Kariuki, their chairman, has applauded the discipline notable from thesaving process. Lawrence said that the team started saving a few years before the strike of covid-19.  They have recently joined a housing cooperative  which have played the role of lending them with the money to purchace the land.

Lawrence cursed the negative thoughts that most people have towards boda boda riders, saying that they are mostly branded as criminals. While recieving the title deed, Kariuki has urged motorists from all over the country to emulate the initiative.