Ruto Urges MPs to Focus on Laws Benefiting Kenyans & Not Term Limit Removal

President William Ruto has now urged members of parliament to concentrate on matters that will build Kenyans and not talk about matters about the removal of presidential term limits.

Ruto Urges MPs to Focus on Laws  Benefiting Kenyans & Not Term Limit Removal

Ruto Speaking during the UDA Parliamentary Group meeting at State House, Nairobi on Wednesday 16th, asked the MPs to focus on laws to benefit the people instead of pushing for changes affecting the Executive. 

Ruto claimed that the action was foolish and reaffirmed that his main goal was to fulfill the promises he made during his campaigns.

“Do not spend your time pushing for selfish legislation like changing the constitution to remove term limits. My focus is service to the people,” Ruto told the members. 

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Ruto asked lawmakers to give the Hutlser Funds law a high priority in order to promote Kenya Kwanza's platform.
His words came a week after Salah Yakub, a Fafi MP, defended the idea of extending Ruto's rule until 2042.

Yakub asserted that a group of lawmakers connected to Ruto's Kenya Kwanza party were resolved to replace the two-term restriction with a 75-year age restriction. As a result, the proposition supported Ruto's 20-year rule.

Why I Proposed Extension  of  Ruto`s Presidential Term Limit- MP Yakub

Fafi MP Salah Yakub. PHOTO FILE

However, the UDA party distanced itself from Yakub`s sentiments stating that they had nothing to do with the Fafi Mmember of Parliament statement adding it was his own decision.

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"I wish to categorically state that Yakub made a personal statement which has nothing to do with UDA," read a statement issued by the Party Chairperson, Johnson Muthama. 

"As a Party, we stand for open democracy and we remain supportive of the two-term presidential limit and no ongoing discussions to scrap it," he added.