Sakaja Vows to Enhance Online Payment Platforms to Curb Fraudsters

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has vowed to improve the online payment platforms in a bid to curb all online fraudsters who have been conning innocent and unsuspecting Kenyans.

Sakaja Vows to Enhance Online Payment Platforms to Curb Fraudsters

According to the Nairobi Boss,he will incorporate more services on the e-platform and eventually digitize all payments made to the county government through the existing Nairobi eServices Portal (NRS) which currently provides for online parking payment.

Speaking on wednesday morning on anational radion station in teh country Sakaja noted that he will introduce a service called 'Jitambue' which will help identify government officials by confirming their credentials on the e-platform.

"What we are going to add to that *647# is a thing called 'Jitambue' such that the people who come saying that they want to check your meter you check their number and verify if they are valid and they are actually county officers," he said.

"All the officers are going to be uniformed with a badge to identify them. We are working for the people of Nairobi."


Governor Sakaja and his DeputyJames Muchiri during an event in Kibera on Tuesday 24th October. PHOTO TWITTER

Governor Sakaja added that the improvement is a calculated effort to close gaps that have caused Nairobi to lose enormous sums of money.

According to him, the system will enable his administration to generate up to Ksh. 20 billion in revenue in the first year, which will be sufficient to fund Nairobi's development according to his intended plan.

"We also need to increase our revenue. Currently we are at Ksh.8 billion and our target is Ksh.20 billion in the first year then increase it to Ksh.30 billion in the second year," he said.

This comes at a time the Nairobi boss is set to unveil the County Executive Committee members today where his deputy James Muchiri will be allocated the Ministry of Trade.