Samidoh: New Details Emerge On Viral Video With Karen Nyamu

Samidoh: New Details Emerge On Viral Video With Karen Nyamu
Kikuyu singer Samidoh and politician Karen Nyamu. /FILE

New details have surfaced concerning the viral video of Kikuyu singer Samidoh Muchoki with his son, whom he sired with Nairobi lawyer cum politician Karen Nyamu.

The artist was allegedly not aware that Nyamu was secretly recording him having a father-son moment on Saturday, February 27. She posted it on social media, sparking mass reactions.

Samidoh would be shocked on seeing the video doing rounds on various social media platforms, a scenario that made him believe he was lied to as he and Nyamu had agreed to keep their affairs away from the public eye.

Sources close to the singer revealed that he tried to have the politician pull the video down, but she was not willing to bend to his demands.

He then called Nyamu and asked her to meet, to which she agreed and the two settled for her residence as the meeting point.

However, when Samidoh arrived at his baby mama’s house he only found the children and the house help, who advised him to wait as Nyamu went out shopping.

Minutes then turned to several hours and Samidoh waited until she reportedly stopped picking his calls. Meanwhile, Nyamu was being constantly updated by the house help on his whereabouts.

At around 4.00 am on Sunday, February 28, Samidoh was growing tired of waiting for Nyamu to return home, and left her house to return to his home. Nyamu had stayed at the parking lot until he left, only returning to her house when she was sure he would be nowhere near her premises.

The politician has since stayed away from Samidoh after she leaked the video confirming to the public that he had impregnated her with their child, after several months of denial by both parties.

Meanwhile, the singer was forced to spend most of his time on social media trying to shut down the news that was already cooking up a storm amongst netizens online.

Samidoh had also informed his wife, Edith ‘Edday’ Nderitu, as well as his family about Nyamu ad their newborn son but had asked that their clandestine sex affair and baby drama be kept off social media. Nderitu was involved in a road accident on the same day the video went viral.

Samidoh met his wife Edith while he was in high school and she transferred to the school he was in. This grew their chemistry and led to their marriage after the completion of their studies.

He took to social media on Tuesday, March 2 to apologize to the public for his actions, further declared that he would support his child both emotionally and financially.