Scam Alert: Kenyans Warned Against Fake Canada Jobs

Kenyans Who Have Been Applying For Canada Jobs Warned Against Fake Jobs.

Scam Alert: Kenyans Warned Against  Fake Canada Jobs
Canada Warns against fake jobs opportunities

Kenyans have been scrambling for Canada jobs posted online.  However, Canada has given adverse directives on the same. 

According to Canada`s Immigration Department, such programs do not exist and warned against false information.

"Disinformation is circulating which suggests that special programs are welcoming Kenyan Immigrants. This is false and the immigration programs referenced do not exist," the immigration tweeted and backed up the tweet with the official immigration website with details on migration. 

The highest number of applicants are Kenyans who are doing it online. With the tough economic times,  Kenyans are seeking for employment in USA, Canada and Middle Eastern countries. 

This comes after Kenya`s Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua posted about the unlimited opportunities in Canada. Alfred also said that he had held discussions with his Canadian counterpart Sean Fraser and agreed on migration opportunities for Kenyans seeking to go and work in Canada.