School Going Children Abuse Prescription Drugs the Most

NACADA has revealed that primary school children are the most prescription drugs users.

School Going Children  Abuse Prescription Drugs the  Most
prescription drug abuse

On a report by NACADA, the abuse of Prescription drugs leads with a 10.4% followed by Alcohol with a 7.2% among school children. In secondary schools, alcohol is the most abused drug with a record of 23.4% followed by khat 17% and the prescription drugs with a 16.1%.

NACADA has called out to parents and individuals on the high abuse of alcohol especially among teens and the youth. 

On countrywide review, alcohol leads with at least 3.2 million people abusing it followed by tobbacco and khat with 2.3 million and more than 900,000 respectfully.

Research has also showed the increasing cases of mental health and substance use disorders. On the same note, rehabilitation facilities and services are unaffordable. The authority has blamed the devolution of drug control  and licensing to county Government as the main factor in the increased alcohol sales in hotel and restaurants.