Season Two of Maize Scandal Loading Says Martha Karua

NARC-Kenya party leader Martha Karua, has criticized the government over the alleged importation of maize into Kenya.

Season Two of Maize Scandal Loading Says Martha Karua

This comes amid reports that a consignment of imported maize has already docked at Mombasa Port without the approval of Parliament.

Taking to social media on Wednesday, Karua opined that the maize importation is a "get-rich-quick medium" for a few individuals and not a plan to mitigate the ongoing food crisis as proposed.

She argued that the importation is unnecessary and that the move will have serious consequences for local farmers who are about to harvest their maize.

"Maize, Maize, Maize. Source of daily meal for a majority of Kenyans. To wheeler dealers a get-rich-quick medium, imported often needlessly at the expense of the local farmer," wrote Karua on Twitter.

"Ships docking with a consignment of Maize before rules of importation are known and when local farmers are harvesting," she added. 

She then turned her sights on President William Ruto, reviving the 2009 Maize scandal that happened during Ruto's tenure as Agriculture Minister.  

Then, Ruto was accused of illegally selling maize while serving as Agriculture Minister.

Karua further claimed that the nation should brace for another scandal if the current trajectory of maize importation is fostered.

"In the grand coalition government as agriculture minister William Ruto was associated with the Maize scandal. We are now set for season two of the Maize scandal," she said.

Concerning the importation of GMO maize, Karua described the approval of GMO products to enter the country as "illegitimate" and "no more than a roadside declaration."

Meanwhile, legislators have chided Trade CS Moses Kuria over the importation, threatening to impeach him if he goes ahead to approve it.

Pokot South MP David Pkosing claimed on Tuesday that CS Kuria lacks the authority to order the importation of maize without first consulting the public and various parties.

He contended that a gazette notice must be tabled in Parliament for debate and that only the outcome should be considered.