Serial Rapist and Killer Suspect Tells Police He Wants Only a Pack Of Cigarettes and a Pastor

Mr. Muturi is facing a string of sexual defilement accusations, where several women have since identified him as their defiler.

Serial Rapist and Killer Suspect Tells Police He Wants Only a Pack Of Cigarettes and a Pastor
Serial rapost and murder suspect Muturi. [Photo/ File]

Staring at charges that could send him behind bars for the rest of his life, John Muturi alias Francis Limo seemingly does not care much about his wrongdoings.

The suspect is being accused of a series of rape and murder activities with Nairobi and its surroundings. However, Mr. Muturi yesterday shocked his interrogators by asking to be provided with a pack of cigarettes.

Further, the accused wants police officers to organize an artisan course where he can train his fellow inmates, as well as a pastor who will lead him to salvationBeing a capital offense suspect, Muturi stays with chains even inside the police cells.

If found guilty, Mr. Muturi could be among the few most dangerous criminals to ever be charged. He is currently cooling his heels at the Karuri police station, over allegations of murdering his wife in 2020 and numerous sexual assault allegations.

Like one who doesn't care, Muturi has asked the investigators to fasten their investigations so that he can start serving his jail term. However, his wish may only be guaranteed if mental tests will declare him fit to stand trials for charges he is already facing.

By looking at him, the suspect appears so composed that one may wonder why he is in jail. However, your conclusion may be totally wrong given that Muturi cannot even recall the number of women and girls he has ever raped.

So far, about 10 women have positively identified the suspect as the one who raped them. According to detectives, Muturi is fond of sexually defiling girls and women between 15 and 20s whom he lures by deceiving them with job offers.

Unlike other suspects who give investigators hard times, Muturi is so cooperative and engages the interrogators in a so friendly way.