Shakahola Probe

The Kilifi Shakahola Cult Intensifies with 112 people reported missing

Shakahola Probe
Pastor Paul Mackenzie

Matters are getting intense on the  Shakahola, Kilifi county cult probe. From the ongoing investigations have revealed that 112 people have gone missing. This comes while the exercise to exhaume bodies is still ongoing on the mass graves.

The leader of the cult, pastor Paul Mackenzie was reportedly indocrinating his followers who joined under different circumstances. Some members are said to have dropped out of school while others went as far as quitting their jobs, some even abandoned their homes and sold their property  to follow the controvasial preacher. 

The preacher is reportedly to have come to the light in 2015 but is said to have started have  began his works in 2006 from his church, Good News International.  Among his weird demands include:

  1. Stopping children from attending schools,
  2. burn school certificates,
  3. the sick are not to go to the hospital
  4. All his followers are to live within his land, the famous Shakahola. 
  5. Fast till death as a way of "impressing God"

More investigations are underway as more bodies are being retrieved.