Signs You Are In A Cult

How To Differentiate Between True Religion And a Cult And How To Save Yourself

Signs You Are In A Cult
How to know you are in a cult and save yourself sooner

Religion is made up of worshipers and a leader. Religions, eventhough they tend to have the same beliefs, they are often in disagreements based on what each leader says. However, it is difficult to know whether the leader you are following is misleading you unless you are wise.

It has been discovered that there is a visible difference between a cult and religion. In cults, there are absurd rules and measures to follow, in line with the nature of mesages passed across. 

Usually in cults, the leader will want to entice his followers, show them that his side of the story is the best. They normally are geniuses in mind games and are easy to keep their prey.  Their teachings are normally around magic, fortune telling and even spiritsm.

In cults, certain rules are set; the dressing code, who they should associate with, the type of food they eat and such. In such, the leaders are considerd as the Messiah and is seen 'Holy'. 

A way of manipulating includes forcing their followers, whether directly or indirectly, to leave everything they have, both belonging and family in order to follow them. They further subjected to guilt or shame through peer pressure and subtle persuation. 

It is always important to watch out whether the leader you are following is doing in accordance with the scripture. Incase they are not, that is a red flag and change is needed.