Singer Akothee`s Daughter Transformation Shocks Netizens [PHOTOS}

Kenyan renowned singer Akothee`s second-born daughter Rue baby shared her Transformed photos of her dental formula alignment on social media and shocked many netizens.

Singer Akothee`s Daughter Transformation Shocks Netizens [PHOTOS}

Rue is enthusiastic about modeling and actively pursues it. In 2017, Rue has selected the new face of Nivea. In Kenya's largest cities, her image may still be seen on Nivea billboards. The contract also doubled as brand promotion, with Nivea providing her with cash and other rewards. She is also a competitor in the Miss Kenya Universe pageant.

                                 Model Rue baby Singer Akothees daughter. PHOTO FIILE

The lass has been candid about her insecurities, one of which being her teeth. She's been modeling for a long, but she's constantly scared that her defective dental formula will prevent her from achieving her goals.

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She recently chose to get her teeth straightened after she lost the competition.

Her transformation looks amazing and it’s good-by to the shame about her defective dental formula.

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