Somalia MPs Extend President Farmajo’s term by 2 More Years

Somalia’s Parliament has extended its mandate and that of President Farmajo by 2 more years, therefore, giving the incumbent some respite but creating a potential opposition from the international community and some aspirants.

Somalia MPs Extend President Farmajo’s term by 2 More Years

The decision was made on Monday after an emergency session of the Lower House saw some 149 MPs voting to extend their mandate with only 3 MPs voting against the motion.

In his comments, President Farmajo welcomed the news saying it will help to correct the disagreements on the electoral model.

According to the MPs, the two years will provide enough time for the country to be ready for universal suffrage something which they had failed to organize 4 years ago.

“This followed after the failure of FMS members to support the implementation of the initial Sep 17, 2020 Agreement,” said a statement from Villa Somalia, Farmaajo’s official residence in Mogadishu.

However, the decision may cause calls from the international communities and opposition groups who were opposing the extension of the mandate or any move which could jeopardize the implementation of an indirect election.