Sonko Refutes Claims Of being Behind Singer Mary`s Viral Nude Tape

Sonko Refutes Claims Of being Behind Singer Mary`s Viral Nude Tape of popular gospel singer Mary Lincoln.

Sonko Refutes Claims Of being Behind Singer Mary`s  Viral Nude Tape

This came after netizens asked who was Mary lincoln sending her nudes to since it was alleged that she was on a video call with a rich man whose identity was not disclosed to any.

However, Sonko defended self on the Viral nudes and stated that he didn't even know the identity of the lady { Mary Lincoln}.

Blogger Martha Mwihaki Hinga revealed that the man whom Mary was entertaining was a wealthy man who was to foot her Ksh35,000 rent at an apartment along Kiambu road.

A popular TikToker Sue Gacambi (@thesuegacambi)  alleged that  Sonko is the mystery rich man in the sex video with Mary Lincoln and that he is the one who leaked her nudes.

"Me I think Mary Lincoln alikua ametumia picha zake Sonko. Wee unafikiria aje? Mimi I think alikua ametumia Sonko. Sonko ni yeye ako na tabia za kuanika madem nyonyo, madem wenye wako uchi. Sonko ni yeye anakuanga na hio kazi ya kuanika madem, nyonyo za madem. Mimi nafikiria, me am thinking Sonko ako na hizo picha. Mi nafikira Sonko ni yeye alimseti akapost hizo picha," Sue said in a TikTok video.

Musician Mary Lincoln. PHOTO FILE

Sue feared Sonko of disclosing Mary Lincoln's intimate parts because the previous Nairobi governor had done so in November 2021 for Mary Nkatha.

Lawyer Cecil Miller, High Court Judge Said Chitembwe, and former Nairobi Governor Ann Kananu were all named in damaging corruption charges made public by Nkatha.

She asserted that Sonko had been attempting to use her as a witness in two cases he had filed, including ones against Kananu and Justice Saidi Chitembwe.

If Nkatha didn't comply with his demands, Sonko allegedly threatened to reveal the public version of her sex tape.

Nkatha's sex tape was eventually made public by Sonko.

Nkatha is heard in the video telling Sonko that she wanted to show him her breasts while she was sitting in a public area.

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Sonko requested that she show him her titties, but he expressed concern that she could