Sossion Asks The Government To Consider Reopening Schools in May

Wilson Sossion says it would be prudent to reopen schools in May to avoid students from involving in immoral activities.

Sossion Asks The Government To Consider Reopening Schools in May
Wilson Sossion speaks on school reopening

Speaking to Citizen TV, Wilson argued that it would be wise to reopen schools on May 10, 2021, as per the schedule developed by the Ministry of Education in late 2020. He urged the government to restructure and ensure that schools are exempted from the measures within a short time; hoping that all teachers will have been vaccinated.

"We hope by May 9 all learners should be able to go back to school. Imagine a situation of another prolonged stay, we will not receive students but some form of other citizens,"  he said.

He also argued that another longer closure would negatively affect students compared to last year.

"Our prayer is that this time around, it should not be prolonged. The net effect of prolonged closure was so devastating and the damage to children outweighs the reasons for closure. We hope the suspension of schools and learning institutions is going to be very brief." he said

He asked the government to implement a new approach that will not interrupt the school calendar as they still maintain measures that curb spread of Covid 19.

He also argued that foreign countries have managed to maintain physical learning while ensuring the safety of learners.

"If we go further, we are going to compound the ailing of the education system and the suffering of children. The system has changed because children have come back with new challenges ranging from massive drug abuse to high numbers of pregnancies," he added.