SPM Buzz Journalist Distances Self From Alleged Love Affair with CS Mutua

The cute Media Personality Liz Wambui Jackson who went viral after being spotted trying to obtain Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua`s Contact in an event at the Statehouse on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, has now distanced herself from the alleged viral love affair between her and the CS.

SPM Buzz Journalist Distances Self From  Alleged Love Affair with CS Mutua

According to Liz who is attached to Eddie Butita`s  Stage presence Media house { SPM} Buzz, she explained that she was the one who asked for his contacts during the brief interaction but the CS spoke to all journalists after the joint presser by President William Ruto and his South African counterpart, Cyril Ramaphosa.

"As other CSs left, he turned towards the media and said hello to everyone else and when he got to me. He told me that I had asked a very good question.

"I used that opportunity and asked him whether we could have an exclusive interview and he agreed and gave me his phone number," Liz explained.

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Liz claimed that Mutua glanced behind her as she answered her inquiry because one of the group members laughed.

"I had second thoughts about the relevance of my question because I asked about music and art and the CS is a filmmaker. That could be why he turned," the journalist stated.

A screengrab of Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua (left) and Liz Jackson (right) at State House on Wednesday November, 9 2022

CS Mutua Giving out his contacts to Journalist Liz Wambui on Wednesday, November 9, 2022. PHOTO FILE

The quip that President Ramaphosa made about how he only spoke Swahili on Fridays was also credited to the 23-year-old journalist.

"There was a plan for an exchange programme between Kenya and South Africa to have Swahili spoken in both countries and in relation to that, what plans have been made to ensure SA culture arts and entertainment interactions will be made easier between the two countries?" She posed.