Stalking Your Spouse`s Social Media Will End Your Marriage

It is better for each team to keep their social pages, only get involved if the page is a joint account.

Stalking Your Spouse`s Social Media Will End Your Marriage
Social Marriage and Relationships

 Just like money, keep off each other`s social pages unless the account is joint. This will save your blood pressure and ulcers. 

Depending on whether you are newly weds or have a couple of experience in social media, it is always advisable to keep your relationship to yourself. It is on very rare occations that even a relationship coach will use their marriages as referrence. 

Socialites and celebrities will mostly put the Juicy part and let you think that they are in a 'perfect' marriage only to end up blocking each other and revealing the hidden sour parts. 

Most of the 'best' couples will barely reveal how they do to stick to each other. Most of those who give us the real phace of relationships is when things go south. 

Social media plays a role on both good and bad side. You might find girls on your man`s phone, or men on your lady`s phone. Some messages may be flattery, and to add salt to injury, you find your spouse playing along. To try and prove they are the real deal, some will insist on posting with the partner but some will move out.

If you let social media have its way, you might never know peace. It is advisable you keep your partner off it. Don`t even bother stalking his accounts, you might get what you are looking for.