Stripper Accuses Usher Of paying Him Fake Money Having His Face

People on social media including Chris Brown and 21 Savage trolls Usher of his fake money having his face

Stripper Accuses Usher Of paying Him Fake Money Having His Face
Usher stepping on a briefcase full of money having his face

This week wasnt good for Usher. This is because of what he did in Las Vegas. The Celebrity used his fake to pay a stripper in Las Vegas. The funniest part with the money is that, the money had his face on them. His actions drew attention among people as some were amused with the story. Some celebrities such as Chris Brown and 21 Savage were seen reacting to the story.

21 Savage was among the people who was seen flexing with the money. " Y' all ain' t the only ones gettin that usher money, " the artiste from Atlanta captioned a post in his Instagram account. The " Bank Account" singer is a picture of himself with the money while showing off those ' Usher' s money' .

Also, the Hip Hop and RnB singer and dancer, Chris Brown posted on his Instagram Story a picture of himself. On that picture, the break dancer is seen posing with the fake money. It was a $20 bill. On the post, Chris Brown wrote " When I say the boy got his own money. . . Da boy got his own money. " He also tagged Usher in this post.

Those reports on Usher' s fake money was first posted by an Instagram user known as @beel0ove. According to the post the unnamed user who is a lady according to her post, she was so embarrassed. It was in her Instagram Story when she posted " Ladies what would you do if you danced all night for usher and he threw this??"
In another post, he also posted " & the money does not have a trade in value what so ever! Lmao don' t y' all think he should be blasted on social media for this shit? " Even though the lady didn' t tag Usher, the posts were seen to be directly referring to the singer.