Suspension of Nairobi County Assembly Sittings Due to Covid-19

The rise of Covid-19 cases has led to adjournment of Nairobi County Assembly Sittings. Only essential staff will be attending while the rest work at home.

Suspension of Nairobi County Assembly Sittings Due to  Covid-19
Mutura adjourns sittings

The alarming rise of Covid 19 cases has led to the suspension of Nairobi County Assembly sittings. At least 50 MCAs are said to have contracted Covid-19, with 35  having recovered. Four of them are in hospital, two on oxygen support while the rest are recovering based on home-based care.

Most of us are victims of this virus including myself who has just recovered. We have to put our health first if we want to continue serving our residents,” a majority leader, Abdi Guyo said.

He further added that the committee will continue meeting virtually. Only essential assembly staff will be allowed in while the other 80 percent work from home.

 In support of Abdi's statement, the minority leader said, "Nothing is as important as life and we have to take leave as an assembly to monitor this disease because it has greatly affected Nairobi. This virus is real and it is striking hard,” 

County Assembly Speaker Benson Mutura  ordered the clerk to facilitate virtual meetings for committees and all other businesses.

He also urged members to be cautious.