“Tanzanians Deserve to Be Told the Truth about Magufuli’s Health,” Says Opposition

On Tuesday Tanzania’s opposition leader said the citizens have become fearful due to a lack of information on the health of their President who has not been in the public eye for the last two weeks.

“Tanzanians Deserve to Be Told the Truth about Magufuli’s Health,” Says Opposition

Speculations have run high on the whereabouts of President Magufuli where some people have speculated he is ill with Covid-19 Virus. However, the Vice President on Monday said the country was safe and Tanzanians should ignore the rumors from the outside country.

In a statement Zitto Kabwe, leader of the ACT-Wazalendo party said, “It is important for the government to inform the public about the president’s health to reduce ongoing fear.”

“The president’s health is not supposed to be a secret,” he said.

According to Kabwe, the national assembly speaker should make to the public regarding the health of the President.

While in exile in Belgium, another opposition leader Tundu Lissu said last week that President Magufuli was in India receiving treatment and he was in a critical condition.

President Magufuli has been mocking the world over the Covid-19 pandemic and he downplayed the virus threat in Tanzania.

He denounced coronavirus testing, vaccines, and the wearing of masks and instead urged Tanzanians to put faith in prayers.

The opposition leader has also called the government to release the four people arrested for questioning President Magufuli’s health.