Teachers And Prefects On Trends

Students Slamming teachers on social media.

Teachers And Prefects On Trends

A common trend is all over social media whereby individuals are slamming former teachers and prefects mostly from highschool. The trend is revealing how the leaders failed to deliver services and protection in their designated schools.

In a post, one student has revealed her identity from a popular post from 2019 where she had been left in a school van and explained the back and forth between the teachers and prefects against her and her parents. The student was allegedly kicked out of school at night in a school van and taken home without notifying the parents. The parents and her siblings recorded a video explaining the situation which later the school board came into action.

In another post from a hidden identity, a lady laments of an incident where girls were allegedly raped. While explaining the situation, the lady said that there could be something sprayed that made the girls not to feel or hear anything. From her explanation, one of the girls who witnessed such a scene was tortured to give a false statement.

These videos has cought the eyes and ears of both parents and guardians. If the accusations are true, what could be the best solution? Who is to blame, the students for not speaking out or those in charge?