Teenager Kills Self After His Phone Gets Confiscated

A 17-year-old in Homa Bay County hanged himself on a tree on Thursday night after his mother allegedly took his phone.

Teenager Kills Self After His Phone Gets Confiscated

The incident happened in the Suba North constituency of the county and the victim was a form one student at Naya Secondary School in the Radiera Sub-County of Siaya County.

According to the area chief Michael Otieno, the teenager's lifeless body was discovered hanging from a tree on Friday morning.

"I received a report that a lifeless body of a boy had been spotted hanging on a tree before I rushed to the scene," said the area chief.

According to Mr. Otieno, the boy had been keeping the phone hidden from his parents out of concern that it might be seized.

"Upon inquiry from the relatives, it is said that his mother had spotted him with a smartphone phone which he brought home from school before confiscating it a matter which seems to have not gone well with the deceased," the chief said.

When his mother noticed the phone, she seized it from him. The incident, in the chief's opinion, might have enraged the youngster and caused him to decide to commit suicide.

"The mother found out about the phone the boy had been hiding from them and snatched it, this might have angered the boy prompting him to commit suicide," the chief said.

The police advised the parents to deal with such situations more delicately in order to prevent instances of teenagers committing suicide.

The body was transported to Kirindo Hospital Mortuary for an autopsy.