Thailand Resumes Covid-19 Vaccine Issuance With the PM Being Vaccinated

Thailand roll-out resumed after having been suspended over AstraZeneca's safety concerns. To reclaim the public trust, a new vaccine will now be used in place of AstraZeneca.

Thailand Resumes Covid-19 Vaccine Issuance With the PM Being Vaccinated
Thailand's PM Prayut Chan during vaccine injection on March 16. [Photo/ AFP]

Thailand Prime Minister on Tuesday received his Covid-19 vaccine jab, after the nation resumed its roll-out, days after it announced a suspension over the AstraZeneca.

However, the Thailand authorities announced that they had resumed the exercise with a different vaccine, following blood clotting allegations that marred the AstraZeneca vaccine.

With the new roll-out, Thailand will heavily rely on a different vaccine Sinovac, which originates from China. "Today, we will start injections on another vaccine...," stated Thai PM Prayut Chan-O-Cha, optimistic that the new drug will enhance public trust. 

AstraZeneca jab was reportedly suspended by various nations after it posed blood clotting issues. Thai itself was planning to procure AstraZeneca sometime around June before the allegations arouse. 

The few doses previously administered in Thailand were part of 0.1 million doses that had been bought in February and strictly for emergency use.

 The AstraZeneca vaccine manufactured by Oxford had been perceived as the most affordable jab for the poor nations, owing to its storage requirements that were not so demanding.

However, with its clotting allegations, some nations have moved to suspend its use, with others delaying its roll-out in their countries. 

Indonesia for instance was to roll-out AstraZeneca vaccine issuance on Monday (yesterday) but that was put on hold. Venezuela on the other side maintained that it will be rolling out the vaccine over safety concerns.