The Best Sleeping Positions You Should Consider For Your Health

According to sleep researchers, the way we sleep matters very much. When a person goes to bed and chooses his or her sleep position, it will determine whether he or she will snore or even have medical conditions like neck pain. Discover your best sleeping manner.

The Best Sleeping Positions You Should Consider For Your Health

What is the regularly used sleep position?

It is said that many people normally sleep on their back or their side. Only a small number of people usually sleep on their stomach.

What’s the perfect sleep position?

The way people sleep affects greatly the quality of sleep one is supposed to have. Have a look below.

Sleeping on your belly: Worst

It has been revealed that about 7% of people sleep on their belly. In as much as this position usually decreases the snoring sounds, it’s not recommended by sleeping doctors. It may be very strenuous to ensure the spine is in a neutral position while sleeping with the head lifted. This sleeping position leads to strains on both the neck and the back. Additionally, the spine will have to overarch mainly because the middle part of the body is always heavy. Over time this situation can result to nerve issues including pain. Moreover, it should be noted that when you rotate your head while in such position, blood circulation and can restricted and the size of the air paths reduced.

Sleeping in the fetal position: Bad

It should always be noted that the fetal position is not always recommended. In as much as the body is kept on the side, there is high chances one can have severe bend of the spine which can lead to strain and uneasiness of both the back and neck. Breathing can also be restricted since the coiled position reduce the diaphragm space.

Sleeping on Your Back: Better

This position is the second most regularly used by people. When you sleep on your back you actually make the spine to be in a good position. It helps in preventing both neck, back and shoulder pains. Its more advantageous when the head is raised on a pillow since the acid reflux issues will be decreased.

Sleeping on Your Side: Best

This is the most perfect and enjoyable sleeping position for most people. It’s actually recommended by physicians and sleeping doctors since it brings about amazing benefits such as prevention of both the neck, back and shoulder discomforts.