The Intentional Woman

We welcome those random messages, hugs, and shouts today for it is our very own. But even as we receive them with open arms and giggles, let's work our ourselves as women for a better society. We are the healers.

The Intentional Woman
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Happy International Women's Day great lady. It's been a whole rotation since we last celebrated the same. Have you become better or are you still struggling with a behavioral cycle?

First things first, we are all struggling with something and we all want to become better than we were yesterday while some of us keep on striving to be like other ladies and this makes us do so less for ourselves and instead do more for the shadow person we want to become. Sometimes, the drive comes in form of envy. An envious soul is a joy killer. It is this bad habit that will make you always want that which your friend, neighbor, or stranger has. It keeps you on toes to always keep tabs with somebody else's life, what they just bought, their achievements, and any other thing going on in their lives. Envy will lay in you disastrous eggs that once hatched will result in bitterness and lies just so you can comfort yourself that you're doing better than everyone around you. Understand this, there's something you're good at that your neighbor is not. That's why we constantly need each other. Accept yourself for who you are. You shouldn't wish to be like the girls on the television. You're perfect just the way you are girl. Drop the envy. 

It's so heartbreaking seeing who some of us have become. The images of you partying like it was your last day on earth and extremely exposing your body parts are flooding the internet and you think it's just okay simply because you are having fun. No, it's not okay. You are allowing yourself to be used wrongly! You were never meant for such things. The internet never forgets and it will come exposing you when you less needed that side of you seen. This is where your future employers are. Your endorsers, in-laws and your child will be here too someday. You feel overjoyed with the number of people asking you out or how your picture made it to the top of that club's marketing images! The club using your image is out here to make money and the only way it can do that is to expose people like you to pull a crowd. As profit overflows their side, what becomes of you? There is nothing like living life on your rules if it's not based on womanly principles. You are just a little destroyed person who is trying to paint her environment with the same bitterness instead of realizing and watering the greatness that lies within you. This is not the person you were meant to be darling.

You are out here with beauty to marvel about but back at your home, you are such an abusive little soul who can not even deal with yourself. You are so toxic that nobody can even stand you. You hurt others with your words and actions. You go about belittling everyone around you because that's how you deeply feel about yourself. The same way that you lack inner peace is the same way you want to cause chaos to everyone. Every time you're are around, everyone feels sick. You want to manipulate people with your lies and sickening powers that nobody ever wants to come home to you. Heal yourself, woman, stop the bitterness. Not everyone is out here to hurt you the same way somebody else once did to you. Look around and breathe the peace of self-healing. You're so powerful over so many things. You are loved and cared for. You are successful and you are not any less. You are more than important in your own way 

You can be better only if you desire to. Don't be like a tick.  Be self-reliant. Believe in yourself because nobody else will. Stand up for yourself but with respect so you don't send out the wrong message of arrogance. One thing that I have noticed with most of the prosperous women is their calmness and humanity. Despite their struggle with personal issues that snatch them of peace, they still show up to cheer others and recognize every effort that others are making. You can do it on your own, stop the procrastination and go do your best. Little will someday be big.

If you find it difficult getting along with everyone even the nicest of people then the problem lies within you. You are so bitter that you can not even stand other people. Why are you always rude and selfish to others? Who hurt you and how can we help you heal? We are there for you and we are also battling some devil behind our closed doors. With all the charm and have-it-all kind of assumption you have towards us, we also lack something. You're not alone in it. Choose better, don't choose the world and its evil ways.

To the women who are doing the most, still believe in decency, believe in themselves, the women who keep trying every day and filling the world with love and hope, keep doing you. The world needs more of you. I hope you find time today and the days to come just to celebrate yourself. Kindly, look around and hold the hand of that person who is so much trying to get back on their feet again. Encourage them and talk them out of their pains.

Believe me, your life is perfectly woven the way it is right now. The place you currently are now is where you were intended to be at such a time, on such a day. Find peace and keep it. That's what is important.

Happy International Women's Day.