The President Promises Return of Kazi Mtaani

The Head of State has given an indication that the Kazi Mtaani Program planned to end on 4th March won’t be scrapped.

The President Promises Return of Kazi Mtaani

While speaking in Kayole on Friday after launching Soweto Hospital which was commissioned by the NMS, the President said he had been approached by youth from Kiambu and Nairobi counties on the possibility of the program being extended.

“When I was in Uthiru and Kiamaiko, and here, the youth have said they want Kazi Mtaani back, do you agree with them? Let’s see what we will do to have the program back,” said Uhuru.

The Kazi Mtaani program which is under the state department of housing and urban development was extended to late January for one more month.

 The program was launched last year to provide economic empowerment to the casual laborers impacted by coronavirus. 

The first phase of the program saw 31,689 Kenyans benefiting from 8 counties in the country while the second phase absorbed 270, 000 youths.

While popularizing the BBI, the Head of State warned the politicians against dividing Kenyans as the 2022 politics gains momentum.