The Weird Reason Why Manzi Wa Kibera Divorced Her Husband After Two Weeks

The Weird Reason Why Manzi Wa Kibera Divorced Her Husband After Two Weeks

Mystery! Why Manzi Wa Kibera Divorced Her Husband 2 Weeks After Wedding

Mystery, popular socialite Manzi wa Kibera has announced that she has parted ways with her husband.

Going by the reports, Kibera's husband's names are Obidan Dela.

According to reports, the two got married two weeks ago in a highly publicized wedding.

According to Manzi wa Kibera their marriage has failed because they rushed things and did not take enough time before making the decision to start a family.

The socialite took to her Instagram stories to express her dissappointment in her marriage.

This was her post;

“Just decided to take a break from marriage kidogo coz it is not what I expected. Nimerudi mtaa yangu ya Kibera ku stay kivyangu till further notice. I think before marriage people should take enough time kujuana and never do things like weddings or makinh babies because of pressure."

On his side, the socialite’s ex-husband, Obidan Dela, advised his followers who have not yet married or been married to focus on themselves before considering starting a family.

This was Obidan's post:

“Kama bado haujaoa kitu naweza kuambia ni unaweza fanya kitu ya maana na maisha yako ukiwa single (If you have not married yet, I advise you that you do something meaningful with your life when you are still single)."

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