They were Indecently Dressed & had bad Characters-SDA Pastor Finally Reveals

A viral Seventh Day Adventist Church { SDA} Pastor Jared Omwoyo who on Friday, December 30, 2022, sent away bridesmaids from a wedding in Tente Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church in Nyamira county has finally defended himself on why he did that.

They were Indecently Dressed & had  bad Characters-SDA Pastor Finally Reveals

Mr. Omwoyo noted that the bride's maid that he sent away were indecently dressed and portrayed bad character according to SDA beliefs.

"I had no option but to chase the bridal team away because of  “indecent dressing and bad character”.

He also noted that he was lied to about their faith.

The pastor also corrected that the person who shot the viral clip of him sending them away could have also shot how they were indecently dressed.

“Again I did not chase them away from the church, I only stopped them from participating in marching in the wedding,” he said.

He claimed that the couple that was married that day had already been living together and hey had children when they decided to have their marriage legally recognized.

The man of God claimed that although he was ordained as a pastor in April 1995 and had presided at several marriages, he had never expelled anyone.

According to the pastor, the wedding was scheduled to begin at 11 am, but by 3 pm nothing had begun since the bridesmaids were upsetting the matron assigned to officiate the event.

The paster however added that some of the groomsmen had had a rasta hairstyle.

“Some of the men had a rasta hairstyle, the ladies were not well dressed and they had applied lipstick, makeup, and had their earrings,” he said.

Mr. Omwoyo claimed that the team began responding to him in a rebellious way when he attempted to interrogate them about why they were defying church doctrine.

When the strict SDA pastor discovered the fabrication put out by the bridal party, he was not amused.

Mr. Omwoyo said that he had been misinformed and that just two of the six bridesmaids who had queued up to accompany the bride down the aisle weren't SDA church members.

He claimed that after realizing that he had been misled, he was forced to stand his position and adhere to church doctrine.

The viral video  made headlines on social   media and  while some people have defended the pastor's actions, others have denounced them.

Mor Omwoyo who resides in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County was however trolled  by the relatives of the bride whose wedding ceremony was disrupted, claiming that he ruined the wedding.