Thika Protests

Locals from Thika Are calling Upon the president and his deputy over the high cost of living.

Thika Protests
Thika Locals Protest over high living standards

Locals from Thika, Kiambu county,have taken their distress on the streets over the high cost of living. According to the locals, life is becoming unlivable.. They are saying that the president would rather lower the prices of basics than the reduced gas prices. This comes after fuel prices also shot. 

Business men from the place say that rise of fuel prices leads to rise in prices of everything. They are now reminding polititians of their campaign promises. The protestants say that no change has occured since elections. Some parents are lamenting on how they  will provide for their children who are coming home for midterm holidays. They also say that the high cost of living is leading them to lack fees for the children.

Peter Ndung`u, the chairperson of small businesses in Thika have showed his support to the lamentations. Peter says that the market is becoming unbearable as there is no market flow. Peter has shown concern to the families that even go without food as they can not afford.

Motorbike, Tuk tuk and passanger vehicle operators also came on board saying that there has not been work flow . They say that they are at some point forced to rise transport prices to be able to afford fuel. This, however, does not attract customers, making work more hard..