Things Men Love but They Can't Tell You.

There are several things that men love in life but they will never tell you as a woman reason being, most men are believed to be secretive and shy who tend to hide their weaknesses in women but today am here to enlighten you on one of the things men love and you have no idea.

Things Men Love but They Can't Tell You.

4. Main things  men love but you can't know

1.Curdling: It has been revealed that  Men enjoy cuddling more than women.
 it is believed that  Cuddling is only for ladies but research has revealed that men enjoy cuddling more than women.

2. Watching Soaps: Most men love watching Soap Opera movies but they will always lie in public they only watch football and action movies.

3.Giving women priority: Men love giving women priority in most cases for example in rare cases a man will walk in front of his lady. The man always feels insecure when walking in front of ladies. They prefer ladies walking in front of them and that’s the reason why they will always say Ladies first.

4.Surprises: if you think that only ladies love surprises and gifts, you are wrong because men too love surprises so up your game as a woman.