Things you need to know about preparing Swahili Pilau.

Swahili Pilau, Chef Ali Mandhry.

Things you need to know about preparing Swahili Pilau.
Source, Chef Ali Mandhry.

If you are a foodie, then divinely you have come across Chef Ali Mandhry.  Not only is he a celebrity chef but also a Tv and Radio personality. With his popular craft of cooking the Celebrity chef shares he’s recipes and is always willing to teach others to help improve their kitchen skills. The fun, friendly chef understands that one cannot think well, love well if one has not dined well.

When we eat good, we always feel good and the truth has always been that there’s no sincerer love than the love for food. Today, let’s take a walk into Chef Ali's kitchen and inform you about what you should not do when preparing authentic Swahili pilau.

  1. When making Swahili pilau, never brown your onions.
  2. Tomatoes of any sort should never be used in your Swahili pilau.
  3. Avoid powdered spices when making Swahili pilau.

Don’t just struggle in the kitchen, remember food brings people together and we never forget good food. Serve foods at home that you know the story behind it.